My name is Ian Russell and I live near Coventry, UK. I’m a .NET Distributed Systems Specialist (C# & F#) and an experienced Domain-Driven Design practitioner.

I’ve been writing software for nearly 30 years, most of it in the .NET (Core) space (C# since 2003 and F# since 2010). I’ve presented sessions at .NET User Groups and community conferences around the UK since 2010, mainly about F#, Functional Programming, writing better code, and Domain-Driven Design.

I’ve written a free 200-page ebook, Essential F#, designed to help developers quickly get up to speed in functional-first programming in F#. You can download the ebook from The source markdown files can be found at You are most welcome to make suggestions or contributions to improve the content, either by raising an issue or by creating a pull request in the book’s GitHub repository.

Many of my previous F# blog posts can be found on the Trustbit blog.

I’m a qualified Teacher of Mathematics who decided in my final year of training that I preferred computers to children.

You can follow me on Twitter, where I talk mainly about programming and being a good human or on LinkedIn where I encourage folks to discover F# and Functional Programming.

I’m currently learning Haskell.